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Free LIVE healing and meditation

Runar Halonen


Welcome to free LIVE healing and meditation with Runar Halonen.

Join free LIVE healing and meditation with Runar Halonen on Facebook LIVE and Healing Room LIVE.

This time I will speak English. All people have their inner healing ability. LIVE healing and meditation activates this part of you through various meditations. The focus is on the positive. Creating changes in the mind that create good feelings. In this way, your inner light is strengthened. We work with breathing, self-healing, grounding, spiritual development, the law of attraction and how we create our lives.
Friday, September 9 at 9:30 am CET/Oslo
A good start for the day – Morning meditation


As you can see, my Facebook page and this web site is in Norwegian.

I have worked full time with healing as my only profession since 2003. My journey in healing and spiritual development started suddenly and unexpectedly in 1996 when I was 25 years old. It happened as an explosion of spiritual experiences and I knew in my heart that it was healing abilities that opened up. I now understood what was my life path. Since 2010 I have been working with live broadcasts in Norwegian.
Now it’s time for LIVE healing  and meditation in English. When I have free LIVE healing and mediation on my Facebook page, there can be 500-800 viewers.